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    Shooting the Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong, made me face some challenges that I had never encountered before. As mentioned in previous blog, to some tradition belief, it might have been rude for some Chinese people for me to take pictures of god statues, especially when they were seting up fire on the roadside and making offerings to the gods and ghosts.

    In the festival, I also went inside the backstage of the Chinese theatre. It took me some guts to ask the people to go inside the backstage. Though people are generally kind for letting me in, I still feel pressure and have to practise to communicate to the people I'm shooting.

    The last thing I think is not easy is shooting the statue of the god in above picture. The god in quite iconic to the festival and made me feel like I could not miss it. However, this statue might have at least 10m tall. It is not easy, then, to associate any meaningful forground to make the picture. I had been shooting the festival for about 3 nights of time, spent some good amount of time sitting on the floor await for the right people to pass by.

    But it still too tall to both get the worshiper and the face of the statue and I could love it to. At last I just get close to the incenses. That was burnung below and took the shot. I think the picutre quite good, nontheless could be better with worshiper in the foreground. All in all, the shoot is a good experience anyway.