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    It's Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong this month, a year long anticipated event for me to do a photo series on the street. I do most enjoy taking pictures of these local cultural events. I think they are special and full of HongKongness.

     I will admit it is quite so hard to document the scene when people worship. To some of the traditional beliefs, it is rude to take pictures of the god and ghost enities. It is the reason preventing these extraordinary scenes in HK for the last few years.

    As I was wandering a public estate near Tsuen Wan, I found a few places where people burn "hell money" to the ghosts. I did not start shooting until I found a larger group of gatherers who looks more friendly. I stood there observing the scene for a few mintues, looking for the best angle, and slowly started clicking.

    The group performing the ritual was surely aware of me. They looked at me for a sec or two, and keep on doing their worshiping. I took a few shots and stepped in closer. When I think they accept my present, I kept pressing the shutter for a good ten mintues, stayed low to get a better foreground until I took this picture. 

    Now, I still feel nervous for the process. But I also felt more confident in doing stuffs like this.