Born in 1988, Nathan Tsui is a photographer motivated to capture social and environmental changes of his time. Most of his work include landscape, documentary and street reportage.

At the beginning of his career, Nathan worked as an editor for Photo Magazine《攝影雜誌》.  In 2013, he started documenting social issues and protests for  United Social Press USP社媒, an online photographers platform cover political and social events in Hong Kong. At the mean time, he teach photography courses for NGOs such as HKFYG 香港青年協會 and 救世軍 The Salvation Army and more. He works as a photo editor currently for HK01 photography department.

His works has been showcased in 2014 Hong Kong International Photo Festival "Changing Times 時代的記憶"   and 2015 Breakazine! "我對眼就係證據-一年民間報告"  exhibition. You can found his works in various online media.